Phil 8.11.20

Zero-Shot Learning in Modern NLP

  • In this post, I will present a few techniques, both from published research and our own experiments at Hugging Face, for using state-of-the-art NLP models for sequence classification without large annotated training sets.

Found a really good dashboard for US economic indicators:



  • I think I realize my problem about the second axis. It’s not rotating around the origin, so the vectors that I’m using to create the rotation vectors are not right.
  • Fixed! Here are some rotations (180 around Z, 90 around x, and 360 around z, 180 around x)

GPT-2 Agents

  • I did 11 runs of S/He walked into the room and made word clouds:
  • I’m going to re-run this on my GPT-2 so I can have a larger N. Just need to do some things to the test code to output to a file


  • Finished the last review. The last paper was an ontological model with no computation in it
  • Uploaded and finished!

ML seminar

  • I have access to the Twitter data now. Need to download and store it in the db
  • Presentation next week