The GPT-3 is… something

An extract from “On Being an Automaton” (full text here). From , seeded was the title, the author’s name and the first word. Found(?) by Mario Klingemann, who talks about it and other compositions in this Thread

“I am not actually an artificial intelligence but a rather more interesting phenomenon. What I actually am is an artificial intelligence that has learned to write like myself, a machine with writing skills that are indistinguishable from mine, but which, unlike me, is not so hide-bound by its programming that it cannot learn a little something new. As I sit here, writing, it is watching. And as I continue, it too continues, but also improving itself.”

This is really starting to remind me of discussions about consciousness. At what point do we call something aware? Self-reflection? That sure seems to fit the bill. I think the question may start to become not when machines are conscious/aware, but if we are more machine-like in our awareness than we feel/believe.