Phil 7.1.20

I should be riding across southern Spain right now


  • Huggingface has fixed the Marian Model/Toekenizer! Need to try Arabic, and if it works, translate the tweets in the db

GPT-2 Agents

  • Shimei had a good point last night that belief maps may be directed. For example, it may be easier for a person to go from smoking to harder drugs than to go back to just smoking. The path from hard drugs might involve 12-step programs, which would be unlikely to be reached from smoking. Other beliefs can swing back and forth, as we see with, for example, the desirability of deficit spending when in power.
  • Finishing up direct selection of source and target nodes as a way of procrastinating on calc_direct, which is going to be harder. I’m always nervous with recursion!
  • Added a test to see that one of the neighbors is the target node first
  • Broke out the angle calculations
  • Need to sort by distance to line and distance to target. It may be necessary to step away from the target occasionally. For now, it’s an option as I try to figure out what’s best:
    # option 1: Find the closest to the line
    # dist = np.linalg.norm(np.array(na)-np.array(ca))
    # option 2: Find the closest to the target node
    dist = np.linalg.norm(np.array(newa)-np.array(ta))
    dist_dict[n] = dist


  • Status report for June
  • 1:30 Sim progress meeting – things are working! Need to hook up the data dictionary to influx for monitoring and debugging. Add Erik to the invites
  • 2:00 Status meeting
  • I did a NASA/GSFC training module early!