Phil 6.5.20

GPT-2 Agents

  • Started a google doc for the GPT-2 Chess agents that will be grist for the paper(s)
  • Create probes for each piece, like:
    • white moves pawn from e2 to
    • black moves pawn from e7 to
    • A slightly more sophisticated parser will need to work with “The game begins
  • I can take the results of multiple probes and store them in the table_moves, then run statistics by color, piece, etc
  • Then see if it’s possible to connect one piece to another piece using a “from/to chain” across multiple pieces. There will probably be some sort of distribution where the median(?) value should be a set of adjacent squares.
  • The connections can be tested by building adjacency matrices by piece and by move number range
  • Started ChessMovesToDb. Might as well work on the tricky parse of  “The game begins “. Making progress. My initial thought on how to parse moves doesn’t handle weird openings like “4.e3, Gligoric system with 7…dc” Need to strip to the the first occurance of “move”, I think:
    white uses the Nimzo-Indian opening. and black countering with 4.e3, Gligoric system with 7...dc. White moves pawn from d2 to d4. Black moves knight from g8 to f


  • More timing tests
    • Add explicit time to the write
    • This should also be the basis of the system that will pull data from the DevLab Influx
  • Continue search for important mnemonics during yaw flip – nope, still can’t log into DevLab influx
  • Working on setting up arbitrary times spans and a new bucket for tests. Writing data works. Now I need to extend the number of series, tags, etc influxAll the writes are working. I’ll do the reads Monday. Everything looks pretty consistent, though.