Phil 5.14.20

GPT-2 Agents

  • Adding hints and meta information. Still need to handle special pawn moves and pull out comments
    • /[^{\}]+(?=})/g, from
  • Amusingly, my simple parser is now at 560 LOC and counting


  • Working on creating a discriminator using Conv1D layers.
    • With some help from Aaron, I got the discriminator working. There are some issues. I’m currently using batch_input_shape rather than input_shape, which beans that a pre-sized batch is compiled in. The second issue is that the discriminator requires a 3D vector to be fed in, which can’t be produced naturally with Dense/MLP. That means the Generator also has to use Conv1D at least at the output layer
    • I think this post: How to Develop 1D Convolutional Neural Network Models for Human Activity Recognition should help, but I don’t think I have the cognitive ability at the end of the day. Tomorrow