7:00 – 5:00 ASRC GOES

  • Recalls V46 and VB2/NHSTA 19V-818
  • Fireplace
  • Dissertation – took a hammer to the discussion intro and rewrote it. I think it’s better?
  • Gen2 Schedule – done
    • Add database to the plan
  • More PyDoc – Success! Here’s how you do it:
    • Run “python -m pydoc -b”. This will fire up the browser
    • Find your package:


    • You can now navigate all the classes and methods. Can’t figure out how to save the whole module though.
    • I think I’m going to try
      • Web scraping and archiving tool written in Python Archive any online website and its assets, css, js and images for offline reading, storage or whatever reasons. It’s easy with pywebcopy.
  • Write a tutorial/quickstart to using the libraries
  • Meeting with Aaron M 6:00 –
  • This looks interesting:  Call for Abstracts: Robots, recommenders and responsibility: where should the media go with AI?
    • The integration of AI-driven tools into the journalistic process raises not only a host of challenging professional, technical and organizational questions. Intense debates about filter bubbles, privacy, shifting power dynamics, gatekeeping, editorial independence and the metrification of journalistic values and fundamental rights also touch upon the legal, ethical, societal and democratic implications that the use of AI in the media can have. So far, much of the discussion has centered around social media platforms. But what are the implications of the introduction of AI-driven tools for the legacy media and its role of informing, being a critical watchdog and providing a forum for public debate? What are the implications of the ongoing trend to automatisation for the realisation of public values and fundamental rights? How do new legal frameworks, such as the GDPR or the plans of the EC to regulate AI affect the media? And are the existing journalistic codes and professional principles useful to guide journalists and editors in an age of AI?