Phil 12.11.19

7:00 – 5:30 ASRC GOES

  • Call dentist – done!
  • Dissertation – finished designing for populations. Ethics are next


  • Evolver
    • Looking at Keras-Tuner (github) to compare Evolver against
    • Installing. Wow. Big. 355MB?
    • Installed the new optevolver whl. No more timeseriesml2 for tuning! Fixed many broken links in code that used timeseriesml2
    • Tried getting the keras-tuner package installed, but it seems to make the gpu invisible? Anyway, it broke everything and after figuring out that “cpu:0” worked just fine but “gpu:0” didn’t (which required setting up some quick code to prove all that), I cleaned out all the tf packages (tensorglow-gpu, tensorboard, and keras-tuner), and reinstalled tensorflow-gpu. Everything is humming happily again, but I need a less destructive Bayesian system.
    • Maybe this? An Introductory Example of Bayesian Optimization in Python with Hyperopt A hands-on example for learning the foundations of a powerful optimization framework
  • Meetings at Mission
    • Erik was stuck at a luncheon for the first meeting
    • Some new commits from Vadim, but he couldn’t make the meeting
    • Discussion about the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Technology Summit in April, and the AI Tech Connect Spring. Both are very aligned with industry (like AI + 3D Printing), which is not my thing, so I passed. I did suggest that IEEE ICTAI 2020 might be a good fit. Need to send info to John.
    • Still need to get started on the schedule for version 2 development. Include conferences and prep, and minimal assistance.