Phil 12.7.19

You can now have an AI DM. AI Dungeon 2. Here’s an article about it: You can do nearly anything you want in this incredible AI-powered game. It looks like a GPT-2 model trained with chooseyouradventure. Here’s the “how we did it”. Wow

The Toxins We Carry (Whitney Phillips)

  • My proposal is that we begin thinking ecologically, an approach I explore with Ryan Milner, a communication scholar, in our forthcoming book You Are Here: A Field Guide for Navigating Polluted Information. From an ecological perspective, Wardle’s term “information pollution” makes perfect sense. Building on Wardle’s definition, we use the inverted form “polluted information” to emphasize the state of being polluted and to underscore connections between online and offline toxicity. One of the most important of these connections is just how little motives matter to outcomes. Online and off, pollution still spreads, and still has consequences downstream, whether it’s introduced to the environment willfully, carelessly, or as the result of sincere efforts to help. The impact of industrial-scale polluters online—the bigots, abusers, and chaos agents, along with the social platforms that enable them—should not be minimized. But less obvious suspects can do just as much damage. The truth is one of them.
  • Taking an ecological approach to misinformation