Phil 11.20.19

7:00 – 5:00 ASRC

  • Reading User Experience as a Legitimacy Trap, by Paul Dourish. Solid stuff.
    • Why are HCI researchers and practitioners now on the wrong side of many of the problematic developments in the contemporary technology landscape? Why is it so challenging for us to reformulate the objectives of our discipline and the central values of our educational programs? It is because those were not the basis upon which we argued for the legitimacy of our practice. By legitimizing HCI and its role in technology production in terms of user experience, user delight, and user acceptance—which were only ever means toward other ends—we have ceded the space from which we could argue for the considerations that were actually at the center of the discipline’s ambitions (to nurture and sustain human dignity and flourishing.). 
      • I think I can cite this in the conclusions section, where I think I need to address the issue that some might not consider this appropriate research for an HCI PhD
  •  Dissertation
    • More discussion. Send a note out to folks to workshop on Friday?
    • Mostly spent my time cleaning up the beginning. Didn’t write much new, but clarified and tightened up.
    • Found the original Bellman cite for the curse of dimensionality 
  • Evolver
    • Need to change chromosomes so that they point to the history index in the genome. The args Dict for the user function can be created from that, and the value/parameter spreadsheet can be too.
    • That reconstruction will need to ripple through the arguments axis to the function as well. That might be the problem that I was having yesterday.
  • AIMS Telemetry meeting
    • Need to start an MS-Project chart for nextGen efforts. ASRC doesn’t seem to have Project in its stack?