Phil 9.17.19

7:00 – 6:00 ASRC GOES

  • Dept of vital records 410 764 2922
  • Working from home today, waiting for a delivery
  • Meet with Will at 3:00. Went smoothly this time.
  • Send Aaron a note that I’ll miss next week and maybe the week after
  • Dissertation – slow going. Wrote a few paragraphs on lists and stories. Need to put the section together on games
  • EvolutionaryOptimizer – done? It’s working nicely on the test set. You can see that it doesn’t always come up with the best answer, but it’s always close and often much faster:
  • Need to write the fitness function that builds and evaluates the model
  • Worked on getting TF 2.0 installed using my instructions, but the TF 2.0 build is broken? Ah, I see that we are now at RC1. Changing the instructions.
  • Everything works now, but my day is done. Need to update my install at work tomorrow.