Phil 8.26.19

7:00 – ASRC GOES

  • Dissertation – working my way through the lit review section
  • Antonio sent a note about Software Impacts, which provides a scholarly reference to software that has been used to address a research challenge. The journal disseminates impactful and re-usable scientific software through Original Software Publications (OSP) which describe the application of the software to research and the published outputs.
    • Submissions to Software Impacts consist of two major parts:
      • A short descriptive paper of about three pages including an Impact Overview and references to publications where the software has been used
      • An open source software distribution with support material.
    • So, to get things to fit on GitHub, I worked on getting GPM to work with a smaller library – done
  • Discussions with Aaron about using TF 2.0 xformer on GOES sim data
  • Security training – an hour or so
  • Copied the Waikato JuryRoom proposal to PolarizationGame folder