Phil 8.2.19

7:00 – 3:30 ASRC GEOS

  • Send George a note about Dad
  • Scan hotel receipt (done) and fill out expense report – started, but couldn’t make it work. I need to get a new charge number. Spent hours on this trying to submit a travel expense report that didn’t have exceptions. SAP Concur is as bad an application as I have ever used.
  • Write down thoughts on inhibition and excitation in groups. Basically, when a group is engaged in discussion, some links are excitatory – a small group will engage in discussion, while others participate less or not at all – they are inhibited. These kind of discussions are almost always mediated by an explicit or implicit leader. The consensus that develops is greatly influenced by who is excited and who is inhibited. Also discuss typicality, or the clustering of belief around central items (examples of furniture have chairs and tables as high typicality examples)
  • Dissertation
    • Work on flowchart(s)
  • Generalize cube, size in 3 dimensions and normals from cross products
  • Change cylinder so that normals are from cross products – done, after considerable flailing.
  • Start on sphere and cone?
    • Cone! Cone