Phil 7.29.19

7:00 – 4:30 ASRC GEOS

  • Dissertation
    • Added paragraph on movement through information
    • Fill in section on my hut/contributions
    • Register for 899, check that I got the reimbursement
  • Get boarding pass at 9:35 – done
  • More data ingestor – done
  • Create TAAS folder and add Anthill and mapping papers, put in overleaf – done
  • Ping Aaron on IEEE paper and map comments – done
    • Aaaaaaaaaaaaand rejected, with no comments. Need to look for another venue. The Atlantic?
  • Ping David on Map comments and Tues/Wed cat sitting – done
  • Generalize cube, size in 3 dimensions and normals from cross products
  • Change cylinder so that normals are from cross products
  • Start on sphere and cone?
  • Rank JR ideas and send sql to Panos, Chris – done
  • Look at Panos paper? – not yet