Phil 5.2.19

7:00 – 9:00 ASRC NASA

  • Wrote up my notes from yesterday
  • Need to make an Akido Drone image, maybe even a sim in Zach’s environment?
  • Changed the title of the Dissertation
  • Need to commit the changes to LMN from the laptop – done
  • Need to create an instance of the JASSS paper in overleaf and make sure it runs
  • Put the jasss.bst file in the svn repo – done
  • Thinking about putting my dict find on stackoverflow, but did see this page on xpath for dict that is making me wonder if I just shouldn’t point there.
  • Did meaningless 2019 goal stuff
  • Adding ragged edge argument and generate a set of curves for eval
  • ML seminar 4:30
  • Meeting with Aaron M at 7:00
    • Spent a good deal of time discussing the structure of the paper and the arguments. Aaron wants the point made that the “arc to full autonomy” is really only the beginning, predictable part of the process. In this part, the humans own the “reflective part” of the process, either as a human in the loop, where they decide to pull the trigger, or in the full autonomy mode where they select the training data and evaluation criteria for the reflexive system that’s built. The next part of that sequence is when machines begin to develop reflective capabilities. When that happens, many of the common assumptions that sets of human adversaries make about conflict (OODA, for example), may well be disrupted by systems that do not share the common background and culture, but have been directed to perform the same mission.