Phil 4.20.19

I think that we might be getting close-ish to a workable AI dungeon master( The trick might be to let people know that it was AI, and that it would behave… oddly:

My prompt: you enter a room with an orc and a goblin

The generated text:
The door swung open to a dark room, with no sign of a decoration or decoration for a simple wooden table and a table with no apparent decoration. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, a pair of eyes I recognized well. He was shorter than the average goblin, even in his long robes, but his build was reminiscent of the ancient orc warrior. He looked at the two on a simple wooden stool, and then looked at me.

There was an air of calm in his tone.

The voice, it sounded like it was coming from inside the dungeon, but that was all I heard. It was a sound so foreign, the only sound I heard was the crackling of fire.
The light was blinding, blinding so much pain that I had to force my eyes open to avoid it. The light was bright enough to completely illuminate the floor of the room, but dim and the brightness did not cause me to see. The eyes of the orc were staring at me, but my mind was racing with questions.

What would make this place like it was?

Who are we, what will make this land like it is?

It’s been a couple millennia, we’re the third tribe in a short time, and were not going to leave until they had seen us. The people of our tribe were not aggressive, and their weapons were not strong, they were not strong enough to be dangerous on their own.

What makes the people of this land so dangerous?

I am the Second of the Glimmering Council. It is my duty to inform the other tribes of our future, and warn those tribes that their tribe will not stand