Phil 4.17.19

7:00 – 5:00 ASRC TL

  • Continuing to read Army of None. Really solid analysis
  • Working on JASS paper
  • The buzz on Twitter about the possible change to topic-based (e.g. Reddit?) rather than person-based, makes me wonder if there should be the ability to follow people in JuryRoom. I’d follow Cricket, for example
    • “Cricket sits down in front of the Troll doing her best to appear completely relaxed and smiles, “come and lay down again while I sing.” Gesturing in front of her she gives a smile, “and if I can just look at the pretty box for a little bit maybe right here in front of me? It will stay really close so you can grab it up once you fall asleep.” At this point Cricket hadn’t actually lied, she currently had no intention of taking the box but if it opened as she suspected she fully intended to open it and hopefully take the contents.”
  • More Grokking MNIST. Here’s a pix of the neurons. The difference about halfway through is the switch from training to testing data: mnist
  • MorphNet: Towards Faster and Smaller Neural Networks
    • Here we describe MorphNet, a sophisticated technique for neural network model refinement, which takes the latter approach. Originally presented in our paper, “MorphNet: Fast & Simple Resource-Constrained Structure Learning of Deep Networks”, MorphNet takes an existing neural network as input and produces a new neural network that is smaller, faster, and yields better performance tailored to a new problem. We’ve applied the technique to Google-scale problems to design production-serving networks that are both smaller and more accurate, and now we have open sourced the TensorFlow implementation of MorphNet to the community so that you can use it to make your models more efficient.
  • Had one of the stupidest, brain-damaged meetings I have ever had. Just destructive for destruction’s sake, as near as I can tell.
  • Updated IntelliJ, which was painful this time, requiring finding Java and Python SDKs that were clearly visible in the settings. I guess it’s that kind of day.