Phil 2.24.19

It is a miserable, rainy morning, so I’m working on extracting text blocks for analytics. Once I try the various packages on those blocks, I’ll work on breaking them into blocks.

Ok, that’s coming along well. Here’s an example:

Bren'Dralagon: Pushing through the vines, he steps out to meet the Orc..
(unknown distance clarity, if possible, rush down the stairs to the attack)

Bren'Dralagon: kk

Shelton Herrington: RIP

Keiri'to: first blood

Bren'Dralagon: *Hmm, my tailor will have questions on where that came from*

Shelton Herrington: how far across is the hazard? impossible to jump over?

Shelton Herrington: ok

Bren'Dralagon: close enough to attack?

Shelton Herrington: understood, just checking

Bren'Dralagon: if charging is allowed, since i just moved forward and would be turning i doubt it?, i'll charge

Lorelai: I thought the vines were (mostly) gone?

Shelton Herrington: *"this ingress is a formidable enemy"*

Bren'Dralagon: *Remind me to have those stairs cleaned. I know a guy*

Shelton Herrington: do i have a line of sight to either?

Now that I have some text, I’ll try the tools listed here: The whole suite is known as the Suite of Automatic Linguistic Analysis Tools (SALAT).

Which means… (bear with me here)

That these are tools for creating word salat!

I’ll be here all night folks. Be sure to try the fish…

Played with the tools, but I need a list of words to analyze the docs with respect to. LMN does a good job of this, so I tried it using the broken-out player and DM. It looks super interesting. This is BOW with the non-topic words “these, those, get, etc” ignored:


Based on what I see here, I’m going to work on the bucketing and see if the top words change over time. If they do, then we can build a map in fewer steps