Phil 2.7.19

7:00 – 7:00 ASRC IRAD TL

  • Continuing with Slack to DB process. I should be done with channels, and now I need to get conversations done.
    • The secondary tables that point to the primary user and conversation tables and the tertiary tables that point at them need to be looked at based on what happens when we go past the 10k limit (assuming that I can’t get the discount on the Standard Plan). REPLACE INTO won’t work with an auto incrementing primary key
    • Got all the parts working, now I need to automate and try out on Tymora1
    • Need to write up a letter for Don to sign – done
    • I think Emily is having a run tonight? Nope
    • Added a research_notes section to Slack for Aaron and I right now. I think I’ll invite Wayne as well – done! Need to know
  • Submitted expenses for TL trip
  • Was officially not invited to the TF dev conf
  • Shimei’s group meeting 4:30 – 7:00