Phil 1.27.19

The first group is through the test dungeon! Sooooooooooooooooooo much good data! Here’s a taste.

“Huffing a small breath out she did her best to figure out if the beings they were seeing matched up to the outlines they’d seen in the mist previously and if anything about the pair seemed off or odd. She does the same for the dragon though less familiar with the beasts than normal humans, it’s deal… seemed like too easy of a solution and it seemed highly unlikely that it was going to just let them run off with part of its hoard – which in her mind meant it was likely some sort of trick. Figuring out what the trick of it all was currently was her main focus.”

Continuing on my into to TkInter, which is looking a lot like FLTK from my C++ GUI days. I am not complaining. FLTK was awesome.