Phil 11.4.18

The Center for Midnight

  • Inspiration came from his most recent experiments on human/computer collaborative writing. Sloan is developing a sort of cyborg text editor, an algorithmic cure for writer’s block, a machine that reads what you’ve written so far and offers a few words that might come next. It does so by reaching into its model of language, a recurrent neural network trained on whatever collection of text seems appropriate, and trying to find sensible endings to the sentence you began.
  • rnn-writer
    • This is a package for the Atom text editor that works with torch-rnn-server to provide responsive, inline “autocomplete” powered by a recurrent neural network trained on a corpus of sci-fi stories, or another corpus of your choosing.
    • Writing with the machine
      •  I had to offer an extravagant analogy (and I do) I’d say it’s like writing with a deranged but very well-read parrot on your shoulder. Anytime you feel brave enough to ask for a suggestion, you press tab, and…