Phil 10.25.18

7:00 – 5:00 ASRC PhD

  • Two unrelated thoughts.
    • A tangle could be made to heal if each transaction kept track of the transaction that verified it. If that transaction became unreachable for more than N heartbeats, then the transaction becomes unverified again. Not sure if the verifying transaction needs to track the other way. Being able to query the tangle for these “scars” seems like it should be useful.
    • A death threat is a unique form of dimension reduction, and should probably be tracked/tagged using both emergent topic modeling and hand-tuned heuristics
  • Tim Berners-Lee on the huge sociotechnical design challenge
    • “We must consciously decide on both of these, both the social side and the technical side,” he said. “[These platforms are] anthropogenic, made by people… Facebook and Twitter are anthropogenic. They’re made by people. They’ve coded by people. And the people who code them are constantly trying to figure out how to make them better.”
  • Antonio workshop paper
    • Today– Finished hierarchy section, didn’t start Black swan section
    • Took out the hybrid section and used Aaron’s writeup on research opportunities to set up the ensemble of hierarchies parts that Antonio is writing.
    • Tonight, send note to Antonio with thoughts on introduction and Hybrid section. Done. He’s taking a look.