Phil 9.4.18

SASO 2018

This works: eduroam wireless network Setup for Windows 10: wi-fi-eduroam-windows-10-en

Keynote 1 Paula ??? Privacy

  • Privacy is a right of a human being that must be protected
  • Privacy as soft paternalism Nudges for Privacy and Security ACM 2017
  • Mangrove societies
  • USACM EUACM ethics statements
  • “big data protection ecosystems that shall involve developers, businesses, regulators and individuals in order to provide ‘ future-oriented regulation’, accountable controllers’, ‘privacy conscious engineering’, and ’empowered individuals'”.
  • Lifting humans to be actors in the digital world by becoming autonomous systems that interact “au pair” with the rest of the digital world
  • Floridi – Soft ethics in the governance of the digital. Philosophy and Technology March 2018
  • Soft ethics is associated to individuals and hard ethics to systems, i.e. autonomous cars
  • The two need to combine when an individual and a system interact

David Kurka Disobedience as a mechanism of change

  • The Iron Law of Oligarchy
  • The social concept of disobedience
  • Phase plots ???
  • All the work is currently based on global understandings of fairness? Future work is will look at subjective values within populations

Shuyue Hu –

  • Coordination games induce social and individual interest
  • Iterated prisoner’s dilemma but no strategy. Agents can decide to C or D based on the last round

Jeremy Pitt & Josiah Ober (Stanford)- Democracy by design

  • Elinor Ostrom
  • SimDemopolis (Specification and implementation)
  • Brute facts and institutional facts
  • Immutable and mutable rules
  • Gini index keeps popping up. Use this math to reformat stampede/flock/nomad chart?

A Multi-Agent Elasticity Management Based On Multi-Tenant Debt Exchanges
Carlos Mera-Gómez, Francisco Ramírez, Rami Bahsoon and Rajkumar Buyya

  • Stable matching approach (2012 Nobel economics)
  • Burlap reinforcement learning
    • The Brown-UMBC Reinforcement Learning and Planning (BURLAP) java code library is for the use and development of single or multi-agent planning and learning algorithms and domains to accompany them. BURLAP uses a highly flexible system for defining states and and actions of nearly any kind of form, supporting discrete continuous, and relational domains. Planning and learning algorithms range from classic forward search planning to value function-based stochastic planning and learning algorithms. Also included is a set of analysis tools such as a common framework for the visualization of domains and agent performance in various domains.

Forecasting Models for Self-Adaptive Cloud Applications: A Comparative Study
Vladimir Podolskiy, Anshul Jindal, Michael Gerndt and Yury Oleynik

  • Time series prediction algorithms
    • ARIMA –
    • GARCH – variance in the error term
    • Support Vector Regression
    • Singular Spectrum Analysys
  • Interval Accuracy score