Phil 8.29.18

7:00 – 4:30 ASRC MKT

  • This Is How Russian Propaganda Actually Works In The 21st Century (plus Kate Starbird’s twitter thoughts)
    • The Russian government discreetly funded a group of seemingly independent news websites in Eastern Europe to pump out stories dictated to them by the Kremlin, BuzzFeed News and its reporting partners can reveal.
  • How Right Wing is Right Wing Populism? Using multilingual CNNs on party manifestos.
    • Right wing populist parties in Europe are clearly different from other right wing parties in their rhetoric and electoral appeal. Some observers see substantive differences between right wing populists and other right wing parties, with populists supporting the welfare state and gender equality more than other right wing parties, often as part of an anti-immigration and anti-Muslim agenda. We test this claim using novel data produced by a multilingual convolutional neural net on political party platforms for the years 1990 to 2015 from the Manifesto Corpus. We find no systematic differences between right wing populists and non-populists on support for welfare and gender equality, though there is some evidence that more successful populists are more centrist.
  • Need to write up a 4 page blue sky paper for the 2019 iConference in DC
  • Realized that the poster had two herding DTW charts on the poster. Fixed and sent back. Hopefully it will get reprinted in time…
  • Uploaded the edited version and added them to the online presentation. Also saved out the mp4 files to use in the ppt version
  • Back to working on speech recognition. I’ve done a bunch of things that I’m documenting before I see if anything helped.
  • TL;DR – after much flailing, I found a page that actually helped. It’s a how-to (rather than quickstart) guide that includes a variety of interfaces including gcloud, Java and Python. And the gcloud command worked like a charm! All the flailing below is just for documentation on what NOT to do. Here’s what worked:
    PS D:\Development\Sandboxes\MapsFromPodcasts> gcloud ml speech recognize D:\Development\Sandboxes\MapsFromPodcasts\brook
    lyn.flac --language-code='en-US'
      "results": [
          "alternatives": [
              "confidence": 0.98360395,
              "transcript": "how old is the Brooklyn Bridge"

    Note that the audio file is the same as the one in the examples and is available from Google here:

  • For historical documentation of my flailing
    • First I opened a new Powershell window and re-ran the commands. Yup: Capture
    • Then I stumbled on the SDK support page and found this link to what may be the answer to the question on stackoverflow. CaptureIt says to run
      gcloud auth application-default login --scopes=,
    • Which I did, which caused a lot of things to happen Capture
    • First, I’m really wondering about this: To generate an access token for other uses, run: gcloud auth application-default print-access-token. This is used in both commands, si I’m wondering what it’s actually doing. What’s happening to this generated  token? is it being stored on my machine?
    • Second, it looks like I need to point at the [C:\Users\philip.feldman\AppData\Roaming\gcloud\application_default_credentials.json] file rather than the one in the project. That or copy to the dev location. I’m trying the former Capture
    • Then, I got this again ( Capture
    • Lastly, I upgraded because it said I could. Nothing works yet, so why not? Capture
    • That brought up a window with all this info:
      Your current Cloud SDK version is: 213.0.0
      You will be upgraded to version: 214.0.0
      │        These components will be updated.        │
      │           Name           │  Version   │   Size  │
      │ Cloud SDK Core Libraries │ 2018.08.24 │ 8.3 MiB │
      │ gcloud cli dependencies  │ 2018.08.24 │ 2.4 MiB │
      │                 These components will be installed.                 │
      │            Name            │       Version       │       Size       │
      │ Bundled Python             │                     │                  │
      The following release notes are new in this upgrade.
      Please read carefully for information about new features, breaking changes,
      and bugs fixed.  The latest full release notes can be viewed at:
      214.0.0 (2018-08-28)
        Breaking Changes
            ■ **(Cloud Bigtable)** Modified the arguments accepted by cbt
              createappprofile and cbt updateappprofile in the following ways:
              ≡ Removed etag argument from createappprofile.
              ≡ Renamed allow-transactional-writes option as transactional-writes.
              ≡ Added a force option to ignore warnings.
            ■ **(Cloud Bigtable)** Modified the specification for routing policies.
              A routing policy can be either "route-any" (previously of
              "multi_cluster_routing_use_any") or "route-to=".
            ■ **(Compute Engine)** Deprecated gcloud compute interconnects
              attachments create. Please use gcloud compute interconnects attachments
              dedicated create instead.
            ■ **(Compute Engine)** Removed deprecated --mode flag from gcloud
              compute networks create. Use --subnet-mode instead.
            ■ **(Compute Engine)** Removed deprecated gcloud compute networks
              switch-mode command. Use gcloud compute networks update
              --switch-to-custom-mode instead.
            ■ **(Compute Engine)** Removed deprecated gcloud compute xpn command
              group. Use gcloud compute shared-vpc instead.
        Cloud Bigtable
            ■ Restored the output of the cbt count command that was inadvertently
              removed in the previous release.
        Cloud Datalab
            ■ Updated the datalab component to the 20180820 release. Released
              changes are documented in its tracking issue at
        Cloud Dataproc
            ■ Added SCHEDULED_DELETE column to gcloud beta dataproc clusters list
              command output.
        Cloud Datastore Emulator
            ■ Released Cloud Datastore Emulator version 2.0.2.
              ≡ Improved backward compatibility with App Engine local development
                by keeping auto generated indexes in index file generated from
                previous runs.
        Cloud Functions
            ■ Promoted --runtime flag of gcloud functions deploy to GA.
        Compute Engine
            ■ Promoted the following flags to GA:
              ≡ --network-tier of gcloud compute <addresses|forwarding-rules>
              ≡ --default-network-tier of gcloud compute project-info update
              ≡ --network-tier of gcloud compute instances
              ≡ --network-tier of gcloud compute instance-templates create
            ■ Promoted gcloud compute instances simulate-maintenance-event to GA.
            ■ Promoted <get|set>-iam-policy and <add|remove>-iam-policy-bindings to
              beta in the following commands groups:
              ≡ gcloud compute sole-tenancy node-groups
              ≡ gcloud compute sole-tenancy node-templates
        Kubernetes Engine
            ■ Promoted --disk-type flag of gcloud container <clusters|node-pools>
              create to GA.
            ■ Promoted --default-max-pods-per-node flag of gcloud container
              clusters create to beta.
            ■ Promoted --max-pods-per-node flag of gcloud container node-pools
              create to beta.
            ■ Modified --monitoring-service flag of gcloud containers clusters
              update to enable Google Cloud Monitoring service with Kubernetes-native
              resource model.
            ■ Modified --logging-service flag of gcloud containers clusters update
              to enable Google Cloud Logging service with Kubernetes-native resource
            ■ Modified output of gcloud beta container clusters list for DEGRADED
              clusters to include reason for degradation.
            ■ Added --enable-private-nodes and --enable-private-endpoint to gcloud
              beta container clusters create.
            ■ Deprecated --private-cluster flag of gcloud beta container clusters
              create; use --enable-private-nodes instead.
          Subscribe to these release notes at
      Do you want to continue (Y/n)?  Y
      ╠═ Creating update staging area                             ═╣
      ╠═ Uninstalling: Cloud SDK Core Libraries                   ═╣
      ╠═ Uninstalling: gcloud cli dependencies                    ═╣
      ╠═ Installing: Bundled Python                               ═╣
      ╠═ Installing: Cloud SDK Core Libraries                     ═╣
      ╠═ Installing: gcloud cli dependencies                      ═╣
      ╠═ Creating backup and activating new installation          ═╣
      Performing post processing steps...done.
      Update done!
      To revert your SDK to the previously installed version, you may run:
        $ gcloud components update --version 213.0.0
      Press any key to continue . . .
    • So now lets see what happens with a restarted PowerShell
    • Nope, same problem. I also tried deleting the environment variable completely and the behavior is the same. So I don’t think that the file with the data is being sent? Capture
    • Interesting, the app-roaming file is not the same as the file that google had me generate for the text recognition getting started page: Capture