Phil 8.6.18

7:00 – 5:00 ASRC CONF

  • Heard about this on the Ted Radio Hour: Crisis Trends
    • Crisis Trends empowers journalists, researchers, school administrators, parents, and all citizens to understand the crises their communities face so we can work together to prevent future crises. Crisis Trends was originally funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. CurrentTrends
  • Committee talk today!
    • Tweaked the flowchart slides
    • Added pix to either end of the “model(?)” slide showing that the amount of constraint is maximum at either end. On the nomadic side, the environment is the constraint. Imagine a solitary activity in a location so dangerous that any false move would result in death or injury. Think of freeclimbing: b16-540x354
    • On the other end of the spectrum is the maximum social constraint of totalitarianism, which is summed up nicely in this play on the constitutional basis for English law “Everything not forbidden is allowed” by T. H. White THWhite
    • The presentation went pretty well. There is a consensus that I should look for existing sources of discussions that reach consensus. Since this has to be a repeated discussion about the same topic, I think that sports are the only real option.
  • Added a slide on tracking changes to the Latex presentation slides for next week
  • Amusing ourselves to Trump
    • The point of Amusing Ourselves to Death is that societies are molded by the technologies atop which they communicate. Oral cultures teach us to be conversational, typographic cultures teach us to be logical, televised cultures teach us that everything is entertainment. So what is social media culture teaching us?
  • It’s Looking Extremely Likely That QAnon Is A Leftist Prank On Trump Supporters
    • There’s a growing group of Trump supporters who are convinced that the president is secretly trying to save the world from a global pedophilia ring.