Phil 7.23.18

7:00 – ASRC MKT

  • Starting on the SASO slides. Found my diversity injection slide story:
    • Max Hawkins
      • (From NPR’s Invisibilia) “I just started thinking about these loops that we get into,” he says. “And about how the structure of your life … completely determines what happens in it.” Max’s once beautiful routine suddenly seemed unfulfilling. He felt like he was growing closer to people in his own bubble and becoming isolated from those outside of it. “There was something … that just made me feel trapped,” he says. “Like I was reading a story that I’d read before or I was playing out someone else’s script.” As any computer developer would do, Max turned to technology to craft his way out — a series of randomization applications.
    • Reading Review: Totalitarianism: The Revised Standard Version
      • …they have chosen to identify totalitarianism in terms of a set of six interrelated traits or characteristics-Fried- rich’s oft-referred-to “totalitarian syndrome” (9-io).25 The syndrome includes an official ideology (orientation), a single party typically led by one man (dimension reduction), a terroristic police (herding), a communications monopoly (social influence horizon), a weapons monopoly (??) and a centrally directed economy (dimension reduction)
  • Continued to spin up on LSTM effort. Got my dev environment COMPLETELY up to date. Continued with Deep learning & Keras

3:00 – 5:00 Fika & meeting with Wayne

  • Worked on the slides for PhD status. I realize that this is actually a good time to have demos with conclusions.
  • Talked about options if IRAD falls through
  • Need to think about what are the best ways for the work to have impact