Phil 6.15.18

7:00 – 6:00 ASRC MKT

  • Montaigne and the Art of Conversation held on June 11, 2018
    • Michel de Montaigne, the inventor of the essay and the greatest philosopher of the Renaissance, who is often imagined to be a solitary figure, lost in his library, writing to himself. However, his understanding of the practice of philosophy and the cultivation of the self were deeply social and tied to the give and take of debate and disputation among friends. Hampton’s talk—his “conversation”—will focus on one of Montaigne’s greatest essays, “On the Art of Conversation.” It will place the essay in Montaigne’s thought, and in the tradition of “philosophical conversation” that underpins the humanist tradition in the European West.
  • Dynamical Isometry and a Mean Field Theory of CNNs: How to Train 10,000-Layer Vanilla Convolutional Neural Networks (Thread overview)
    • Moreover, convolutional networks have precisely the same order-to-chaos transition as fully-connected networks, with vanishing gradients in the ordered phase and exploding gradients in the chaotic phase.
  • Susan Li (ML articles on Medium)
  • Working on slides. Walk through with Wayne today at 4:00
  • Re-read the paper. I’ve forgotten what’s in it!
  • Forward the Yao article, since it’s an example of what I’m modelling. It belongs up with the Strava maps
  • Strava maps are about discerning environment from behavior. Physical and social structures are visible (shorelines, mountains, and borders), from the perspective of road cyclists, who have simple rules:
    • Up is fun
    • Stations of the cross
    • Different populations on Strava (Commuter, mtn, road, etc)
    • Maps to Hofstede’s cultural dimensions
  • Meeting with Wayne to go over slides. Lots of rework. There is a difference in proposal and DC slides, which are showing a research direction, and a paper, which is showing a result.