Phil 5.24.18

7:00 ASRC

  • Is Bitcoin alive? Local organization and global entropy: bitcoin-hash-rate-jan-2016-jan-2018-768x594
  • Tweaked my terms page a bit
  • Continuing Bit by Bit. Nicely written. currently reading about the pros and cons of using big data. It’s making me think about how to structure the Jury Room data so that it lends itself better to prolonged research.
  • A gentle introduction to Doc2Vec
    • In this post you will learn what is doc2vec, how it’s built, how it’s related to word2vec, what can you do with it, hopefully with no mathematic formulas.
    • The combination of tags and paragraph/document ID could make this very nice for JuryRoom
  • 1:30 CoE meeting
  • 2:00 Meeting with Anton