Phil 10.11.18

Neural Network Evolution Playground with Backprop NEAT

  • The genetic algorithm called NEAT will be used to evolve our neural nets from a very simple one at the beginning to more complex ones over many generations. The weights of the neural nets will be solved via back propagation. The awesome recurrent.js library made by karpathy, makes it possible to build computational graph representation of arbitrary neural networks with arbitrary activation functions. I implemented the NEAT algorithm to generate representations of neural nets that recurrent.js can process, so that the library can be used to forward pass through the neural nets that NEAT has discovered, and also to backprop the neural nets to optimise for their weights.

Thread on opacity and how we don’t know where our FB advertising is coming from

Meeting with Wayne

  • Walked through the terms. I need to add citations
  • Discussed What to do After the PhD. Setting up a program to study and implement trustworthy anonymous citizen journalism came up, which is very cool
  • Quite a bit of logistical discussion on how to bridge from UMBC to UMD
  • Showed Wayne my copy of Bit by Bit.

Continuous Profile Models (CPM) Matlab Toolbox and a matlab to python converter, as well as how to call MATLAB from python