Phil 12.20.17

7:00 – 5:00 ASRC MKT

  • Today’s Sunrise 7:23 AM and sunset 4:47 PM. Not a fan of winter.
  • Promoted the venues and journals post to its own page here.
  • Added The Emergence of Consensus: A Primer to the lit review. Nothing new in there, but it’s a fast overview with good references
  • Working on flocking and herding paper. Reasonable progress. Adding the herding parts and the self-driving car stampede. Finished first pass through methods, next is results.
  • Need to rerun the sim so that the heading and distance charts line up. Done!
  • Well, that’s pretty research-browser-ish: Inventing the “Google” for predictive analytics The company is, and these pages are pretty informative (social physics) (jobs)
  • The Birth of A Conspiracy Theory.
    • Right after yesterday’s train derailment, a conspiracy theory was born, we tracked it in real time.