Phil 12.4.17

7:00 – ASRC MKT

3:00 – Campus

  • Fika
  • Meeting w/Wayne
    • Up to date. He was a bit worried that I might be going off the rails with the Neural Coupling work, but relaxed when I showed how it was being used to buttress the flocking model. And I have access to an fMRI, it seems…
    • Information Ecologies – The common rhetoric about technology falls into two extreme categories: uncritical acceptance or blanket rejection. Claiming a middle ground, Bonnie Nardi and Vicki O’Day call for responsible, informed engagement with technology in local settings, which they call information ecologies.An information ecology is a system of people, practices, technologies, and values in a local environment. Nardi and O’Day encourage the reader to become more aware of the ways people and technology are interrelated. They draw on their empirical research in offices, libraries, schools, and hospitals to show how people can engage their own values and commitments while using technology.
  • Bonus meeting with Shimei. Rambled through the following topics
    • Reinforcement learning with flocks and gradient descent
    • Flocking, herding and social engineering
    • Suspicious OS
    • She has a tall son 🙂