Phil 10.30.17

7:00 – 4:30 ASRC MKT

  • The discussion and conclusion
  • Tweaked the “Future Work” section of the CHIIR DC proposal to reflect the herding work. More words means less bullet points!
  • Updated Java and XAMMP on my home machine
  • Pointed the IDE at the correct places
  • I don’t think I have PhpInspections (EA Extended) installed at work? It does nice things – Have it now
  • Working through creating a strawman game. Having some issues with a one-to-many relationship with RedBeanPHP. Ah – it’s because you have to sync the beans. I think rather than have a game point at all the players, I’ll have the players point at the scenario, and the chat messages point at the game and players.
  • Got that mostly working, but having a null player issues
  • Important PHP issue – arrays don’t need to start at zero! The bean arrays are indexed with respect to their db id!
  • Meeting with Wayne
  • The DC is good to submit
  • Start working on a JCMC article that connects the flocking model to qualitative theory.
  • Keep on working on the game. Possible project for a class/group in either 729 – design and evaluate class (Komlodi) or 728 – Online Communities & Social Media (Branham)