Phil 10.16.17

6:30 – 5:00 ASRC MKT

  • Stochastic Modeling And Analytics In Healthcare Delivery SystemsThis book focuses on the research and best practices in healthcare engineering and technology assessment. With contributions from researchers in the fields of healthcare system stochastic modeling, simulation, optimization and management
  • I just realized that the Research Browser is Augmented Data Discovery, and is about to 2-3 years out from peak hype. Something to think about while writing proposals and pitching to management. 
  • Starting to look through Risk Taking to see if I can find scenarios
    • Add fields for user
      • Age – done
      • Gender – done
      • Game name (change by game so that a small number of players don’t recognize each other easily over repeated games
    • Something to think about is whether one scenario would be to create a scenario which is then used in the game.
    • Found it! Appendix E! Aaaaaaaaaaaand Adobe Acrobat is busted so I can’t scan it. Reinstalling. And it’s better, but still busted. Scanned in Photoshop, which works just fine
  • Tweaking CorpusManger so that the TF-IDF output has counts rather than the floating point value to see if that produces better results in search. This is from the serendipity corpus:
    • TF-IDF raw: information serendipity system encounter discovery serendipitous visualization 
    • TF-IDF normalized: information encounter serendipity system datum discovery serendipitous
    • BOW raw: information serendipity system encounter serendipitous discovery result
    • BOW normalized: visualization computer information search system serendipity encounter
    • That works much better with the wordrank algorithm. Keeping it.
  • Fika, talked a little about CM and LMN. Wajanat and Julie are interested. Maybe as a way of quantitatively ranking the centrality of concepts and people in a qualitative study.