Phil 10.10.17

6:30 – 5:30 ASRC MKT

  • Spent about an hour going over Aaron’s presentation for tomorrow
  • DC submission is tomorrow at 3:00. No word back from Wayne about an AM meeting, so I guess it will be this afternoon?
  • Read Cindy’s comments. Interesting and perceptive.
  • More followup on yesterday’s discussions. Here are some strawman screen mockups for the game:
    • Design thoughts
    • Design thoughts2
    • Roughly, the idea is to turn a chat room into a “polarization game”. For phase 1,
      • Players are randomly chosen from the pool of available players. If we have cross-platform texting, we could handle this in a cross-platform way. Some of the controls from the browser version would have to be implemented in some compatible way. Maybe emoji characters? (Arrows, etc)
      • There is some scenario that the users discuss.
      • The game ends when all players agree on an outcome.
      • Something to evaluate is how much of the discussion should be visible.
        • Should it “fade out” (as shown), or should there be a searchable history? Parallel Version with History
        • Should all threads be shown simultaniously
      • Points are given to participants of a game that unanimously agree
      • Double points are given to the person who comes up with the agreed-upon outcome
      • Points are retained across games. Honor, glory, and prizes are awarded the winners.
        • This means leaderboards and other associated social promotion mechanisms.
        • Registration page, icon choice, etc
      • Might as well build in biometrics and ip address tracking so that we can flag suspicious games (E.g. where one person plays all roles)
    • The initial runs will be in a controlled setting (at UMBC), so we can evaluate more aspects of the player’s experience.
      • Semi-structured interviews
      • Surveys (which could be an add-on to the game that pays in points)
  • Starting to do a deep dive into the Twillo API. Starting with a chat app.
  • Discussion with the interns about ways they would like to use the system, just to see if there was a strong need to support chat. Here’s the whiteboard: whiteboard
    • Some discussion about how long the game would last. If it were quick/real-time-ish, then it could live on a browser. Long term needs push notifications.
    • Although the user has a login, create anonymous discussants so that a history doesn’t build up that other users can react against
    • How do the posts get displayed? Time? Score?
    • Is there feedback on who’s arguments are getting the most votes?
    • To keep things playable, there may need to be a character cap. More than 140, less than xxx.
    • Cut scenes of the resolution of the dilemma would be cool.
  • Looking at the setup of the umbc server
    • Got the vpn ( set up and running
    • As configured, the box is PHP/mysql. I can live with that. I can’t remember the mySQL password though. Doh!
  • Meeting with Wayne
    • Got the edits back for the CHI DC. Leaning towards the CHIIR DC though. Amy agrees – says that the CHI DC is a ‘cattle call’
  • Some discussion about my review. Discovered that the article process for a journal is much more relaxed. There is time for multiple interactions with the authors.

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