Phil 10.2.17

8:00 – 5:00 ASRC MKT

  • The CHIIR paper is submitted! Incorporated all of Wayne’s points (that I could decipher)
  • Change the angle recording code so that it is WRT the average heading of the population. Might make a better figure 7. Started.
  • Security training – one hour – done
  • Do Charlestown things – done
  • Fika
    • Anita skimmed the paper and liked what she saw.
    • NVivo webinar
    • $120/year
  • Meeting with Wayne?
    • The CHI deadline is next week:
    • Extended Abstracts from CHI 17 (search for SESSION: Doctoral Consortium)
    • Some extended discussion about GLOBE. Might have the opportunity to look at the code with some guidance. Otherwise, it’s going up on GitHub soon. I’d like to see the code that finds similar remotely observed data on the globe as a way to find similar papers. In this scenario, that could be used to equate new GEOS data (soil, vegetation, lighting, etc) to use places that are burning to places that are at high risk for burning.

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