Phil 8.28.17

Another weekend of scrambling to get everything done in time. Plus a good bike ride 🙂

7:00 – 5:00 Research (ASRC IRAD)

  • Started up the computer this morning and it freaked out. After a restart, it rebuilt all the program indices and many of my configs were gone. I’m guessing that it was a bad disk sector. Scary, since this is a pretty new box
  • Adding in the Information Retrieval part that will mediate interactions between agents
  • And now the changes to JavaUtils2 aren’t being recognized. Deleted reference and reimported. And not the project is rebuilding super slow????? This is just not my morning.
  • And now IntelliJ is frozen. Restarted. The error is still there, but it compiles no problem. Had to invalidate caches.
  • Started StorageAndRetreival class and have a rough framing running
  • Long discussion with the interns about using mapping for the HR space
  • Wrote up some more paragraphs on normative mapping for paper justification
  • Fuzzy thought for today. The map is actually a set of pointers to the data used to produce it. For example, a discussion that produces normative poles has a history of collapse that the normative poles could reference back to.