Phil 7.21.17

7:00 – 8:00 Research

  • Continuing C&C
  • to establish, on the one hand, the existence of a positive correlation between the average of individual positions and the shift towards the mean of positions around which a consensus is formed, and, on the other hand, the reduction in variance between the different positions after discussion in groups. [p 106]
    • echochambertest My model, All Exploit, stampede settings
  • polarization depended not upon the inclination of individuals to take risks or to remain prudent, but indeed on the form in which dilemmas are couched and debated, which causes the balance to swing one way or another. [p 106]
    • This is an example of the presentation affecting the outcome. If this were a gatekeeper issue, the information presented would have been different
  • Cvetkovitch and Baumgardner show that “group interaction will increase the participants’ involvement with the discussed topic and eventuate in individual opinion and group consensus that is more extreme than pre-discussion attitude. Additionally, the direction of polarization will be towards the naturally occurring majority opinion of the salient reference group and not toward the average attitude within the discussion groups. (1973: 161)” [p 107]
  • Main and Walker (1973) noted that in this respect the decisions were more liberal when the judges decided as a body (55 per cent as against 45 per cent). Knowing that only a minority of decisions taken by a judge presiding alone were of a liberal kind, the authors hypothesized that judges nevertheless had a liberal code of values. When they decided alone, the pressure of anti-liberal public opinion led them to a compromise. On the other hand, when they judged collegially their personal values came out and became more radical during discussion with their colleagues, who were of the same persuasion. [p 111]
    • A thought about how interacting with different groups with different norms might help reduce polarization. The flip side of this is that social media allows us to continually be present in a group online. We don’t visit in the same way as going to a meeting, social hour, gathering of friends, etc.

9:00 – 5:00 BRI

  • Aaron is still beating on the @AutoMiswired issue. It turns out that the GeoMesaIngest didn’t have the (interface) (method), which was causing Spring to point at the wrong (main) instance. Fixed!
  • Sprint review at 11:00. Looking for ways to present screenshots in rocket
  • Wound up not presenting anything. It looks like you have to fill out an agenda on Confluence
  • Sprint planning meeting. Whoops, didn’t make the tickets that describe the remaining work.
    • Create stories for deployment by DevOps (Heath) of GeoCoder and GeoMesaIngest
  • Something is wrong with the clicking on the document line – I’m getting an ‘IndexOutOfBoundsException’…