Phil 7.13.17

7:00 – 8:00, 4:00 – 6:00 Research

  • Nice (and tasty!) meeting with Wayne
    • Put together outlines of papers by September 16th(?)
      • Precision and recall considered harmful (started, targeted at CHIIR)
      • Gatekeepers and information diversity (IR and UI) (This could be the above paper, or it might be more generalized)
      • Lone wolves, flocks, and stampedes in information space: (human, genetic, and AI)
      • Maps as mediating objects between human and machine knowledge
  • Meeting today with Aaron
    • Using the ProPublica API seems like a good choice for quality data
    • Much discussion on how projections should be chosen and how much bias is introduced, particularly WRT axis choice. My thoughts are that the axis should be the areas that have highest variance, but there may be better options…
  • More C&C
    • Showing the relationship that exists between , on the one hand, the conflict of opinion and differences in information and, on the other , the eyeball confrontations that lead to consensus. [p 79]
      • There was a presentation at Collective Intelligence 2017 that talked about how the ordering of results would affect the ‘quality’ of downloaded  (vs ‘liked’) items. Random ordering (with no visible rating) of results with no rating provided the most consistent results. Ordering based on visible ratings led to first-mover cascades, regardless of ‘quality’. Ratings and order do seem to behave in some ways for proxies for ‘eyeball confrontations’?
    • The mere presence of other people already produces a movement in this direction. It is hardly surprising that, through looking at and listening to them, one becomes a participant in the dialogue, engaging within oneself in one of those imaginary conversations with which we are all familiar. This is sufficient to spark off a ‘fictitious polemic’ with our friends or superiors, in which we argue with them, and which on occasion leads us to modify our attitudes or choices. [p 80]
      • I think forum lurking is an example of this, though we may seek forums where our imaginary conversations are in line with the crowd.
    • Hannah Arendt’s take: The power of judgment rests on a potential agreement with others, and the thinking process which is active in judging something is not, like the thought process of our reasoning, a dialogue between me and myself, but finds itself, always and primarily, even if I am quite alone in making up my mind, in an anticipated communication with others with whom I know I must finally come to some agreement [ p 80]

8:30 – 3:30 BRI

  • Got Hbase working, now working on NLP
  • NLP is running fine, generting locations. Now I need to catch those in GeoCoder and see if I can get coordinates
    • The Geocoder test failed because “lon”: “-122.0850862” != “lon”: “-122.0850861”
  • Adding in <publisher> role for NLP and reading in with MDS and GeoCoder