Phil 7.5.17

7:00 – 8:00 Research

  • Working on catching up with Aaron and Wayne
  • More C&C. Tried to get things done yesterday, but… Yeah…
    • This does not warrant classing the group with the crowd, which is prey to over-enthusiasm and violence [p40]
    • If we wish to understand the nature of groups, it seems advisable to concentrate on the way they change , and in the way that they change individuals, rather than on their ability to aggregate individuals as part of a whole [p42]
    • …the danger lies less in anomie or disorder than in routine and apathy [p 42]
    • Acts of decision, as well as acts of consenting, are above all acts of participation. For various reasons their value springs from the bond that they create between individuals and from the impression each one receives that he counts in the eyes of everybody as soon as he begins to participate. [p47]
    • Consequently much effort is expended to become a member of an association, to be elected to a committee, to have the right to meet together and communicate with certain people, and so on.
      • But what if that effort becomes low or frictionless as we find online? And what about being an anonymous part of a group?

8:30 – 4:30 BRI

  • Installing Hadoop
  • Need to get a hotel near CCRi for Thursday night -done
  • Got my Hadoop running by deleting my log files. Yes, that makes no sense.
  • Starting on the geomesa-quickstart-hbase. More notes here