Phil 6.28.17

HCIC 2017

  • Thought for the day – board games to explain paper production (Journal and conference) and proposal writing
    • John Walton (Board games, etc) Elizabeth Swenson (Application Crunch)
      • Joe Dumit – Science studies Fracking simulation board games
  • John Tang, Gina Venolia and Kori Inkpen, Microsoft
    • Breaking the Future of Social Media
    • Discussant: Dan Russell
    • Multi stream clusters – how do we view? (Scoop)
    • Interactions among the streamers and between the streamers and the viewers. Also, how does the design scale? Twitch doesn’t scale, BTW – you can’t keep up
    • Likes as a percentage of viewers upvoting affects who sees what Paper at CHI
    • Can be hard to stream under particular circumstances. High crowds, degrated conditions, etc. Leads to short viewing due to frustration
    • SXSW covered with multiple parallel streams
      • Note – stabilized shoulder mount for a streamer with extra batteries? Better mic? Camera?
    • If there is a crash, the preview allows an overview and lets people continue an interrupted stream.
    • Many short glances, most of the time is in long watches/views. Browse/browse/browse/stay
    • Interaction engagement – all deliberate. Lurking is the absence of action, but there is a surprisingly low percentage of that.
    • Sweet spot is high flexibility environments like trade shows, where the remote audience can interact.
    • How do you get effects at at sale with a prototype
      • Recruit crowds from Turk – reflects incentives. Can test usability and engagement at a higher level of interaction, which exercises the platform more
      • Corporate Volunteers – viewed by interest. very linear. More interested in the talks, rather than the wandering.
      • Unknown – power law. many short, few long (and much higher lurking)
    • Breaking existing commercial boundaries to enable the future
      • Many semi-overlapping ecosystems. How to standardize? Standards didn’t work. incentivised to lock-in
      • Maybe a standard for subsets of data to support a commons? Universities may be a good place to take the lead on this?
      • How to unify?
  • Dan Russell discussant
    • We already have a lot of streaming cameras
    • 911 Truthers based on self-selected partial information.
    • Can’t reverse engineer context
    • Reverse effects cause and effect can get confused
    • Google moderator wound up requiring an intermediary to select the questions
    • Only studies with real money matter
    • Is the MCR mechanism of handling multiple feeds the way to handle social media? Possible for ABC to buy feeds from Fox?
  • Questions
    • Sharing PII is also a problem. Not only costs but risks
    • Is the value in the liveness, or in the history? Attention value is value.
    • Value is transparency? Authenticness? David Brin, the transparent society Trustworthiness of the messenger, rather than the anonymous streamer?
    • Social information proximity vs IR gatekeeping?
    • We’re having trouble differentiating between perspectives? There are different small groups that don’t relate to a giant company. A small group may be important.
    • Events of civic interest vs. novel and entertaining live streams
    • Gare Steinberg’s incredible sad true love story
    • There is a difference between a trained, effective producer? What about predators choosing prey from a flock? What does an effective liver performer do?
    • Becoming a temporary media company that produces a curated stream. An improvisational theatre company
    • Tweak the Tweet Palen & Starbird
    • It is very interesting to watch representatives of Google and MSFT discuss research as startups, where acquisition is the large scale corporate research model.
  • Short talk and working session: Charlotte Lee 
    • HCDE Comics – Reflecting on Living in the Present and Designing for the Future
    • Philip Agre – Critical Technical Practice
    • Check out the memex as inspiration for the Research Browser
    • You can draw in pencil all day long at a coffee shop, but when you start inking people will stop and notice.
  • See if ASRC could support HCIC. What’s he cost/value proposition. What does it mean to be part of the consortium?
  • Reworking Design as Critical Fabulations – Daniela Rosner
    • Building core memory as quilts
    • Core rope memory
    • “Valorization of individuals has to recede” in collaborative processes.
    • To believe what is physically impossible might be possible in a different way
  • Discussant – Stacy
    • It’s a book chapter! In what book?
    • Design shift from individualism (includes small teams) to collective
    • Situated, and contextual
    • Not having a solution and moving on, but creating a process.
    • Who gets to tell the stories
    • There is a reviewer 2 meme. I did not know that.
    • Interviews are fabulating?
    • Grounded theory is a way of academically acknowledging and defining path dependency.
    • Creating different physical instantiations that provide different audiences.
    • Inquire into your method’s history. What are the ways of knowing, and Who is knowing?
    • Who are the actual people doing the tasks, and what are the behind-the scenes work to create the product (Read papers by Lilly Irani. Such command of the language!)
    • Identifying devalued labor. How. And what does it mean to track and understand than that. There is a difference between the dialogic practice of group work and the business model of an industry that maximises profit through celebrity creation.
    • There is a difference between a performer and a creator of the source material for that performance.
  • Michael Muller and Q. Vera Liao, IBM
    • Exploring AI Ethics and Values through Participatory Design Fictions
    • The developers of robots believe that they represent the user. THis may be true in that there are no customers yet. Except for LAWS systems?
    • Value Sensitive Design (chlorine water treatment and chlorine gas)
      • Theoretical
      • Contextual
      • Ethnographic
    • We do not have an agreed-upon list of values.
    • Value sensitive inquiry instead? Descriptive ethics. Not at normative ethics yet
    • How do you speak your values about something that you don’t yet have?
    • Using design fictions
    • Problems with current popular fictions (Books – personal view, and media – complex interweavings of corporate interests)
    • Ponder a spectrum from utopia to dystopia and timeframes
    • Exercise that was confusing and too fast. But generally on story completion
    • slides
  • Discussant: Kristin Eschenfelder
    • Would you kill the fat robot?
    • An echo chamber (like Nazi-ism) might be indicated by the alignment of philosophies around a desired outcome. Because there is no external validity?
    • Moral Machine MIT Media Lab
    • There is a difference in commercial ethics and philosophical ethics.

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