Phil 6.26.17

HCIC 2017

  • Carl DiSalvo – Alternate Histories of Design Futures
    • What else might design be – different interpretations of the world
    • Speculation (Speculative Design?)
    • Design as critique to critiquing design
    • Designers domesticate technologies
    • Speculative design is to trigger thoughts, not to become a product per-se. THis is about nudging in a direction. It’s more like art harnessed to thinking about interaction
    • Fantastic futures, extraordinary objects intended to be provocative
    • Archigram 
    • Global Tools.
    • 21st Century Speculative Design MOMA curates and legitimates Speculative Design
    • Design and Violence
    • Core77
    • From representation to events
    • Vernacular Futures -> cheap futures. Cheap stuff that we buy. Fidget spinners???
    • Speculative Enactments (SIGCHI paper)
    • prefiguration
    • Mundane work of performing on the world (Signage)
    • Implications for design
      • How can computation become integral to our design and experiences (Bill Gaver – Your Data Catcher)
      • Turkopticon
  • Katherine Isbister – Reflections on Carl’s presentation
    • Interdependent wearables
    • Magic circle of play (new games movement, whole earth catalog, etc)
    • Global Game Jam
    • Feynman diagrams spreading through interpersonal transmission. In other words, they do not get used unless someone shows you. The difference from personal contact vs reading.
  • Legitimate peripheral participation
  • Brave New Alps
  • Prefiguration in Contemporary Activism
  • Analog game movement – write rulesets that reflect the vision of the architect. No, that didn’t work. Then creating the experience locally. Now a co-creation process that’s half product/half event? Practice being transmitted through objects. De-centering the designer, recentering the practice.
    • Douglas Wilson (Folk Games) No Autour.
  • Repair maintenance vs event. Events become objectified and bounded. It can be treated as a product.
  • Star Trek & CMC (Lana Yarosh)
    • Technology constraints and technologies
  • Discussion as speculative fiction Wendy Kellogg – Microsoft Research
    • Apologetics
    • Research through design
    • Artifacts embody myriad choices that can’t be captured in a written document
    • Generalizing through juxtaposition? Dourish 2014 – LSI is a theory of meaning


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