Phil 6.19.17

7:00 – 8:00 Research

  • Nice trip back from the conference. I think my take home messages are:
    • What I’m working on is non-obvious
    • Agent-based simulation is becoming a norm in this field
    • Creating a useful knowledge map makes sense to everyone(?) working in the field
    • The concept of explore, flock, and stampede have good resonance
    • Gate-keeping in agent design/distribution and information retrieval are SERIOUS problems
  • Brought in the code that I wrote on the laptop. Compiles and runs nicely
  • Creating a poster (24×36) version of the PosterPage. Also creating a dual-sided handout. Done, and sent out for printing.
  • Ordered a poster tube with strap

8:30 – 3:30 BRC

  • Expense Report. Done. Maybe? The app doesn’t take street address without barfing. May have to go back in and re-edit? Or is that only for mileage?
  • Continue to work on setting up Linux Python/Tensorflow env
  • Got IntelliJ up, but had to point at the ‘Development’ files for windows due to the crippling download rates.
  • Apparently we have new data on CI. Recluster?
  • Then I let Windows update and everything stopped. Went home to continue
  • Installing python
  • Installing Java
  • Installing xampp


  • Register van – done!

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