Phil 6.15.17

5:30 – 6:30 BRI

  • Catching up on email, etc.

8:00 – Research

  • Patching IntelliJ
  • enabling ‘no borders’ option
  • Collective Intelligence 2017 Notes
  • Geoff Mulligan
    • Copernicus EU project
    • AIME – Disease outbreak prediction
    • MetaSUB
    • English cancer xxx xxx?
    • ORID (Taiwan) Uses slideshare, discourse,,
    • Economics has been hopeless WRT developing models that pay for such collective intelligence assemblies
    • The enemies of collective intelligence
    • The economics of algorithmic decision making and human decisions queresha
    • Rare disease patients are driving this technology because of the need and low funds
    • Icelandic collective intelligence Iceland democracy is a good example?
    • Link into action and feedback is a problem common across many of these projects
  • Tom Kalil
    • Prize – driven development
    • Prediction markets for technology forecasting
    • Philanthropy: Nimble, Prizes over grants and contracts. People who know how to build an effective prize
    • Bullet points as a way of driving through change. Magic laptop experiment. Any press release you write will come true. Look up. (Is this gamification?)
      • Provides Agency
      • Value of concreteness
      • Articulate who needs to do what
      • Has to be at least plausible (the entities could be expected to do these things)
    • Tony Bright(?) Networking of improvement communities.
    • R&D and pilots.
    • User-driven innovation (contributing to economies)
    • Funds to focus on access and participation
  • Dana Lewit
    • Artificial intelligence is everywhere – stop waiting
    • DIY artificial pancrias
    • Inability to sway manufacturers
    • Twitter as a source of technical fixes? How?
    • Gateway technology – Rasbery PI is very cheap, good community makes it easy to work with
    • #OpenAPS maker movement for DIY medical devices
    • Thousands of hours of development
    • What about the risk/reward of sharing data – targeting ads at low blood sugar
  • Darlene Cavalier
    • Citizen Science Projects
    • TPBS – The Crowd in the Cloud
    • 1500 projects (What about power law issues and bias from the main contributors?)
    • Charismatic vs. invisible science needs?
    • Facilitator – make the process attractive for users
    • Scistarter Solutions Lab
    • ECAST Citizen science
  • The field of ‘Frugal Science’ (low cost tools) Tool making science?
  • Jordan Barelow
    • CA State Fullerton
    • Woolley et. al. 2010 – no correlation or small between individual and group intelligence
    • What happens at the limit? Minimum threshold, max ceiling?
    • Performance on one task may not correlate with performance on another task. Why? What is it about highly structured tools?
    • Production work being individual – what about pair programming?
  • Carsten Bergen-Holtz – Ikea effect agent-based simulation
    • Ikea effect – we tend to overvalue our sulutions
    • Efficient vs. inefficient networks efficient – all information is seen (is this bad?)
  • Then the batteries died
  • Mark Ackerman
    • New architecture for crowdsourcing knowledge
    • 8chan’s /pol/community -> kicked off 4chan for being too extreme
    • Beginnings of PizzaGate/Podesta/etc
    • Dog-whistle memes
    • Every post is anonymous
    • Outraged that something bad is happening to america. Sense of rage. Conspiracy thinking
    • Deliberate gaming of the Facebook algorithms and media sources.
    • Click based advertising is heavily selected for
    • Overton Window
  • Some Assembly Required: Organizing in the 20th Century
    • Noshir Contractor
    • for teams
  • Noshir Contractor
    • too much too fast. Team building, but needs some disentangling, I think
  • Hila Lifshitz–Assaf
    • Is innovation different at different scales and platforms
    • Best R&D practice fail with ‘makeathons’????

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