Phil 6.7.17

Research 4:30 – 9:30

  • Continuing along the flocking line of thought, I’m wondering how similar a stampede is to a runaway echo chamber. In both cases, they work best if the ‘shared knowledge’ is simple and clear. In a stampede, the idea is reduced to its simplest base – run! Although there may have been a reason at the beginning, at some point the group runs because it is running. Stopping will get you trampled. The only way to escape a stampede is to peel away from the edges, but that may not b possible due to environmental constraints (e.g. walls). Once started, they are hard to stop and ‘have a mind of their own’.
  • Added to the lit review folder for P&C considered harmful
  • Working on CI 2017 poster, making it more visual. Took a wrong turn incorporating too much new data from the HCIC poster. Cleaning and simplifying.