Phil 5.2.17

7:00 – 8:00 Research

8:30 – 2:30 BRC

  • Got the reducers in, now I need to colorize the original df for display. Done. The results aren’t great though. Below are results for isomap:

    The images show

    • The XY positions of the reduced data. I’ve added a bit of jitter so it’s possible to see all the points. They should be pretty evenly distributed, but as you can see, the lower right has a much greater population.
    • This is backed up by the color mapped images of the original clusters, were the majority of the rows are black, and the other values are all in the bottom-right square
    • The 3D fitness landscape made via subsurface shown in 3D
    • and in 2D
  • A roughly similar run (and yes, they vary a lot!) is shown with a brute-force (naive)surfacer. Actually, it may makes sense to use the naive surfacer on the reduced data since it’s so much faster: