Aaron 4.27.17

  • Cycling
    • Got a late start in the office today, so as soon as I get in I got my gear on for a brain cleaning ride. Pushed really hard today, and combined with some nice weather and low traffic hit my first 16+ average MPH door-to-door. Landed a 16.4 mph average, and felt really proud of it.
  • Focus today was on learning some more about Manifold learning and its applications for reduction of high dimensional data for unsupervised learning.
    • SciKit includes some great documentation and resources including a working sample comparing various Manifold learning techniques against test data sets.
    • My goal now is to take the sorted data_generator.py code from yesterday and compare the manifold learning examples against the clustered output of the unreduced data. Once I have a benchmark set up I can do the same for the sample live data.
    • The output of the SciKit examples in MatPlotLib is really attractive as well.manifold_learning_sample