Phil 4.14.17

7:00 – 8:00 Research

  • This Is Why Trump’s Conspiracy Theories Work, Say Experts
  • Good advice on writing papers
  • Setting up to get clustering data.
    • Explore/Exploit ratio 50/50
    • Explore will be in the flocking range: 0.1 – 1.6
    • Exploit will be in the echo chamber stage: 3.2 – 10.0
    • Cluster EPS of 0.25 gives good diversity
    • Create a DataFrame from the “Cluster ID” sheet
    • Ran the sims, but the default destination is wrong. Re-running
    • Discriminate between explorer and exploiter cluster membership over time
      • Clusters the agent belonged to
      • Will need to post-process to fix cluster switching. Probably taking all the cluster average positions and applying the a common ID if the difference between the samples is less than a given delta

8:30 – 3:30 BRC

  • Generating data for clustering
  • Will try to read in and merge the DataFrames so that I have position (angle or origin distance) to calculate group persistence
  • Human Motion Recognition Using Isomap and Dynamic Time Warping
  • Fixing DataFrames. Mostly this is a case of bad data handling. This is in the data:

    Which means that we have to handle ‘#<Geocoder::Result::Bing:0x007fe9a1b39718>,#<Geocoder::Result::Bing:0x007fe9a1b39150>. I am very disappointed in this book

  • Giving up. Wrote a review. Monday I’ll try doing joins on Dataframes. That being said, I learned a lot on how to check for errors.

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