Phil 3.13.17

7:00 – 8:00, 5:00 – 7:00 Research

  • Back to learning LaTex. Read the docs, which look reasonable, if a little clunkey.
  • Working out how to integrate RevEx
  • Spent a while looking at Overleaf and ShareLatex, but decided that I like TexStudio better. Used the MikTex package manager to download revtex 4.1.
  • Looked for “aiptemplate.tex” and “aipsamp.tex” and found them with all associated files here: And it pretty much just worked. Now I need to start stuffing text into the correct places.

8:30 – 2:30 BRC

  • Got a response from the datapipeline folks about their demo code. sked them to update the and files.
  • The SciKit DBSCAN is very fast
    setup duration for 10000 points = 0.003002166748046875
    DBSCAN duration for 10000 points = 1.161818265914917
  • Drilling down into the documentation. Starting with the SciPy Lecture Notes
    • Python has native support for imaginary numbers. Huh.
    • Static typing is also coming. This is allowed, but doesn’t seem to do anything yet:
      def calcL2Dist(t1:List[float], t2:List[float]) -> float:
    • This is really nice:
      In [35]: def variable_args(*args, **kwargs):
         ....:     print 'args is', args
         ....:     print 'kwargs is', kwargs
      In [36]: variable_args('one', 'two', x=1, y=2, z=3)
      args is ('one', 'two')
      kwargs is {'y': 2, 'x': 1, 'z': 3}
  • in my ongoing urge to have interactive applications, I found Bokeh, which seems to create javascript??? More traditionally, wxPython appears to be a set of bindings to the wxWidgets library. Installed, but I had to grab the compiled wheel from here (as per S.O.). I think I’m going to look closely at Bokeh though, if it can talk to the running Python, then we could have some nice diagnostics. And the research browser could possibly work through this interface as well.

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