Aaron 3.2.17

  • TensorFlow
    • Started the morning with 2 hours of responses to client concerns about our framework “bake-off” that were more about their lack of understanding machine learning and the libraries we were reviewing than real concerns. Essentially the client liaison was concerned we had elected to solve all ML problems with deep neural nets.
    • [None, 784] is a 2D tensor of any number of rows with 784 dimensions (corresponding to total pixels)
    • W,b are weights and bias (these are added as Variables which allow the output of the training to be re-entered as inputs) These can be initiated as tensors full of 0s to start.
    • W has a shape of [784,10] because we want evidence of each of the different classes we’re trying to solve for. In this case that is 10 possible numbers. b has a shape of 10 so we can add its results to the output (which is the probability distribution via softmax of those 10 possible classes equalling a total of 1)
  • ETL/MapReduce
    • Made the decision to extract the Hadoop content from HBase via a MicroService and Java, build the matrix in Protobuff format, and perform TensorFlow operations on it then. This avoids any performance concerns about hitting our event table with Python, and lets me leverage the ClusteringService I already wrote the framework for. We also have an existing design pattern for MapReduce dispatched to Yarn from a MicroService, so I can avoid blazing some new trails.
  • Architecture Design
    • I submitted an email version of my writeup for tensor creation and clustering evaluation architecture. Assuming I don’t get a lot of pushback I will be able to start doing some of the actual heavy lifting and get some of my nervousness about our completion date resolved. I’d love to have the tensor built early so that I could focus on the TensorFlow clustering implementation.
  • Proposal
    • More proposal work today… took the previously generated content and rejiggered it to match the actual format they wanted. Go figure they didn’t respond to my requests for guidance until the day before it was due… at 3 PM.

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