Phil 1.17.17

Shower thought for today: The social horizon for flocking to occur is sqrt(dimensions)*k. This means the lower the number of dimensions, the easier to flock, while higher dimensions (i.e. more diverse) make flocking harder. Conversely, by watching the flocking behavior of individuals, it may be possible to infer the number of dimensions they are paying attention to.

Collective intelligence conference. Abstracts are 4 pages. Format is here, and here’s the program with abstracts from 2016. Need to dig up a password

7:00 – 8:00 Research

  • Procrastinating about writing. I think I want to have some of the different border conditions in place to see if there is any effect.
  • Made a ACTIVE, INACTIVE and DORMANT state.
    • ACTIVE is moves and is visible
    • INACTIVE is not visible, effectively removed from all interaction. Hitting a lethal boundary sets state to INACTIVE
    • DORMANT is visible, but not active
    • Added the combo and config
    • Set behavior so that moving requires an ACTIVE state and visibility requires a non INACTIVE state
    • Need to wire up border behaviors and set colors for DORMANT (gray) and INACTIVE (black)
  • Fixed the bug where a re-initialized run was repeating the same data.

8:30 – 5:00 BRC

  • Working on documentation. Done!
  • Made a few changes to NMFGui to improve saving and parsing .

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