Phil 1.4.16

7:00 – 8:00 Research

  • For charting, calculate distances and direction cosine from average center. Export that to excel. We’ll need a sampling interval.
  • Adding class FlockRecorder

8:30 – BRC

  • Talked with Aaron about [R]. Generated spreadsheets with 2 nd 10 dimension clusters similar to what I’m testing on
  • Bring in R book tomorrow
  • Incorporating clustering into the GUI
    • Need to add EpsPercent – Done
    • Need to choose the matrix (raw, product, row factor, column factor
    • Also add clustering to the NMF calculation rather than taking the top 3
    • Start with output to the text console? Also to spreadsheet
    • Might build a map and populate a table
  • Need to submit forms for reimbursement and new class
  • Need to mail insurance – nope, need to erase more and print out mom’s will

5:00 Dinner at Jeff’s

Scan will and print out. Erase all pencil from blue form

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